How the River Severn Partnership will achieve its aim

Panoramic view of the Severn Valley

The River Severn Partnership recognises that shared wellbeing and prosperity relies on a joined-up approach which considers the river network as a ‘system’. This approach needs to recognise all of the interrelated parts of the river network, and to set out the holistic, long-term programme of management measures for it to achieve its overall aim. An easier way of looking at this is within key themes.


A long-term infrastructure-led economic plan for the Severn Regional Growth Zone will enable us to build back better through a green recovery. Integrating water management with other investments will unlock the project pipeline, reduce barriers to business growth, and create jobs across all sectors.


Bridge over the River Severn at Shrewsbury

Our region has a unique system of natural landscapes, areas of outstanding natural beauty, and incredible habitats. Enhancing the natural capital, which is the foundation for our region and its prosperity, we'll showcase low carbon infrastructure options and create accessible country parks and wetlands that promote biodiversity and improved health and wellbeing.

Using the river

We're developing opportunities to leverage the huge positive potential of the river network by unlocking land for growth, optimising water resources, creating jobs, harnessing the energy of a large aquatic heat source, supporting transportation and providing revenue generation through visitor tourism,

Flooding and drought

A man inspects a dry riverbed

We can reduce the estimated £230m of annual damages to infrastructure, and better protect the health and livelihoods of the people who live in our region. Through a focus on water at the catchment scale we can manage both flood and drought in an integrated way, as part of the supply chain, to support resilient communities and businesses.


An accelerated programme of integrated infrastructure will create opportunities for everyone, creating new skills for the future and ensuring health and wellbeing across the region.


A potato field in Herefordshire

We'll create accelerator hubs for skills and innovation which support the agri-tech industry as we leave the European Union, helping to promote sustainable, local, regional and national food security.


Releasing land for development and providing the integrated infrastructure the region requires will support planning authorities to deliver above and beyond their existing sustainable housing aspirations. The right housing mix will support the diverse workforce needed to deliver sustainable economic growth.