Support and funding

Since forming in September 2019, the River Severn Partnership has quickly gained ministerial support and commitment from a widespread range of partner organisations.

In July 2020, ministers chose the partnership as one of four pilots, and it was allocated £1.5m of funding from the Innovative Resilience Programme. We'll use this money to assess a range of climate change scenarios, and identify the decisions that need to be taken now and in the future, to manage the risk of flooding and coastal change along the length of the River Severn. This work will be drawn into an Adaptive Pathway Plan up to 2100.

An additional £41.8m was secured by the partnership to accelerate infrastructure delivery as part of the government’s approach to economic recovery, looking at schemes that can safeguard jobs and support local growth. This will focus on an integrated water management north of Shrewsbury (Severn Valley Water Management Scheme), the Tenbury Wells Flood Alleviation Scheme and a carbon offsetting programme, ie tree planting and improving habitats and green spaces for local people along the river network.

More information on these emerging proposals can be found using the links on this page.